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Nano Interface Technology, LLC. (NITI) was incorporated in 1998. Our mission is “Innovation in the Nano-biotechnology and Nanotechnology.” We are a pioneering research organization committed to develop novel nanotechnologies in biotechnology, material sciences and the drug delivery areas. One of the major scientific challenges for the material scientists has been the development of processes that can help control the ultra-homogeneity in material properties at a molecular stage. We plan to commercialize our products by licensing technologies and developing products for the private companies. Most of our technologies are proprietary and is protected by the current patent law. We, at NITI, believe that we have hit upon the Holy Grail of material production, where we can synthesize molecules under highly controlled conditions for specific applications. With the right reaction system and specific ambient conditions, we can control the properties and purity levels of our products. All of these processes can be easily scaled up for large-scale production, at commercial levels. Our vision is to significantly alter the processes and purity levels of materials by creating them at the molecular level.

Nano biomaterial-coated
hip implants

Nano biomaterial-coated
dental implants

Nano Interface Technology, LLC.

Major Milestones

  • Nano Interface Technology is relocated to Ocala, Florida to expand its business. (2010)

  • Nano Interface Technology, LLC. has partnered with two multinational companies to bring its cutting edge innovative products into the market. Our innovative nanotechnologies will give enormous market advantages to our partnering companies against their competing companies and have potential to influence total market size of $100B (2008).

  • Nano Interface Technology expands application of its platform technology to solve the problem of the drug-coated stents (December 8, 2006).

  • Nano Interface Technology, LLC. Explores to Open a Division in India to Capture India’s Exploding Orthopedic and Dental Implants Market (October 2, 2006).

  • Purity matters more than the size in the nanotechnology – a 600% increase in the binding of bone proteins to the coating biomaterials for the orthopedic and dental implants as compared to the competitors’ products (September 22, 2006).

  • Nano Interface Technology Announces Evaluation of its Products in Collaboration with NRL and VCU -- Expanding the Market Success of Nano-Biomaterials Coated Orthopedic and Dental Implants (April 12, 2006).

  • The Wall Street Reporter interviewed the founder of NITI on May 23, 2005 about business opportunity utilizing NITI's developed orthopedic and dental implants.

  • NITI will manufacture and market its implants products (Version 1) in 3 year after completion of in vivo studies.

  • NITI provides excellent opportunity for capturing 70% of $15B implants’ market by providing superior coatings of biomaterials on the implants, similar to the Boston Scientific’s success in $4B stents’ market by providing better coatings of drugs on the stents.

  • Recently, NanoBiotech News has published founder’s interview highlighting the company’s future plan. (pdf)

  • NITI is among the few Nanotech Companies in the US, which were invited by the NSF to present its innovative research goals at the Nanotechnology Workshop in 2002.
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