Nano biomaterial-coated hip implants

2. Nanorods

Alternative of the Carbon Nanotubes for the High Volume Applications: The cost of the carbon nanotubes is $100,000 - $200,000 per pound depending on the quality of the nanotubes. At that price, one can’t use it for nanocomposites. In order to provide leap-frog improvement in the strength of nanocomposites and other applications, Nano Interface Technology has developed mesoporous nanorods which can provide nanorods of diameter 30-32 nm and of length 100-500 nm.  These nanorods are synthesized by sol-gel chemistry and self-assembly of surfactants methods.  Nanorods of silica, alumina or copper can easily be produced at a cost of $20 a pound.

Nano biomaterial-coated dental implants

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1. Nano-biomaterials for biomedical applications

The products and technologies developed by the NITI can be put to variety of uses. The target market has been chosen as the applications in the life sciences market. This market has been chosen in view of its relevance, ease of entry and potential size.

Nano Interface Technology, LLC.

a. Developed superior nano-biomaterials using innovative materials processing technologies.

b. Focus on the development of the hydroxyapatite (HA) – used extensively as the latest material for the coating of the implants for the human body.

c. The usage of HA synthesized by our process will decrease the failures of the implants, reduce the costs of the insurance and decrease the patient’s trauma.

3. Nano-encapsulated Anticancer Drugs

NITI is developing targeted controlled release of the chemotherapeutic agents which is already approved by the FDA for the human trials and was not successful due to the difficulty in maintaining high concentration of such anticancer drug around tumors. NITI’s innovative targeted drug delivery system will allow to maintain high concentration of such drug around tumor to kill tumor. Hence, clinical trials and drug approval can be carried out on the fast track basis. The chemotherapeutic agents have $10 billions per year in the US alone. The world market for such drugs is $20 billions per year.