Nano biomaterial-coated hip implants

Nano biomaterial-coated dental implants

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Who are we ?

NITI has the right mix of the technical, scientific and business professionals.  The company’s scientific advisory board consists of Biochemist, Cardiologist, Colloid Scientist, Dentist, Internist, Materials Scientist, Pharmacist, and Polymer Scientist.  

C. P. Singh, Ph.D.- President & CEO:
Dr. Singh has been recognized as a “Key Leader” by the National Nanotechnology Initiative and has been closely associated with various research initiatives in this area for the past 18 years. Since co-founding NITI in 1997, he is actively involved in developing several nanotech-based products for its customers. He was a Part-time faculty at the Johns Hopkins University. He has conducted and led several research projects for the novel production processes for the advanced biomaterials, development of nanoparticles, and also the development of superior drug delivery mechanisms for diseases like cancer. Twenty years ago, he evaluated and implemented modifications in the process to make $25M chemical factory profitable. From 1987-1989, he was responsible for preparing and implementing detailed project designs and techno-economic feasibility studies for chemical companies ranging from $20M - $700M. He has a doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida. He has received National Research Council’s Research Associateship Award from the Naval Research Laboratory/National Academy of Sciences. He has worked extensively in the areas of microemulsion-based technologies at the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. and the Institute for Surface Chemistry, Stockholm.

K. L. Mittal, Ph.D. –
Dr. Mittal is the chief scientific advisor of the Company.  He was associated with the IBM Corporation from 1972 through 1993.  Currently, he is teaching and consulting worldwide in the broad areas of adhesion as well as surface science.  He has initiated, organized and chaired a large number of international symposia, and is the editor of 67 published books as well as others which are in the process of publication dealing. He has received many awards and honors including the 1990 Dudley Award of the ASTM, the 1995 Thomas D. Callinan Award of the Electrochemical Society, the Adhesives Age Award. He is also a Robert L. Patrick Fellow of the Adhesion Society, and is listed in many biographical reference works.  He is the founding editor of the Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, and is/has been member of the editorial boards of a number of scientific and technical journals.  Dr. Mittal was recognized for his contributions and accomplishments by the worldwide adhesion community which organized, in his honor, the 1st International Congress on Adhesion Science and Technology in Amsterdam, 1995.

John Texter, Ph.D. -
Dr. Texter is the scientific advisor of the Company. He is the  Professor of Polymer and Coating Technology, at  Eastern Michigan University. He is also the Managing Consultant, Strider Research Corporation ( since 1998. He was associated with Eastman Kodak Company for 20 years. He was at the NSF as a Program Director 2000-2001. He has developed courses on Nanoparticle Synthesis (2000), Particle-Based   Materials Synthesis (2000), Particle Characterization (1999), and Small Particle Formation (1999). He has published 135 articles, reviewed articles, patents and book. He is an editor-in chief of the Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology. He is in the editorial boards of several journals. He has received several awards, such as, Fellow, Society for Imaging Science and Technology (1999), Service recognition Award, Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry of the American Chemical Society (1999), MRE Innovation Award for Nanocrystalline Technology (1995).

Maya Sinha, VP:
Mrs. Sinha has B.S. in Pharmacy and also a cofounder of the Company. She has 12 years of experience from pharmaceutical industry and research.  She has carried out the enzymatic reaction in foams and formulated microemulsion for the synthesis of biomaterials.  She is a co-inventor in three patents. Her B.S. thesis was “Hematological and bio-chemical studies of some edible oils in mice”.  Her experience also includes: “The preparation of the nanoencapsulates of anticancer drugs” and “Preparation of nanorods”.

Selected collaborators and members of scientific advisory boards:

Robert C. Cammarata, Ph.D.:
Dr. Cammarata is the Professor and Chairman at the department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University.  He is a well-respected researcher in the field of analysis of “Thin Films”.  His expertise in analysis of thin film is helpful in developing the coating of nanoparticles on the alloy implants.

Syed B. Qadri, Ph.D.:  
Dr. Qadri is the senior physicist at the Naval Research Laboratory.  He is a world renowned scientist in characterizing complex materials using X-ray analysis.  His expertise is helpful in analyzing the quality of the finished products using our nanomaterials as compared to the existing products.

Peter Moon, Ph.D.:
Dr. Moon, Director of the Virginia Commonwealth University Dental Biomaterials Laboratory, is providing his expertise in designing and developing nanocomposites for dental applications.  Dr. Moon is a collaborator in developing products for dental applications.

Collaborating Organizations:

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